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Young athletes in the developing world need your help to get an opportunity to develop their talents, train professionally, compete in world championships and inspire others through their incredible achievement s.

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We believe that we can only advance forward if we build meaningful networks, partnerships and collaborations. We are open to partnerships and collaborations with private, public or non-profit companies, social enterprises and NGOs/INGOs. Each partnership is individually tailored to best meet the partners’ objectives and the missions of Sports Aid Network. To discuss and learn more about potential partnerships and collaborations with us, please contact info@sportsaidnetwork.org – and our partnership development team will be in touch!


Volunteer With Us

SPORTS AID NETWORK began work in South Sudan in 2018. Currently more than 500.000 children are directly benefiting from our sports programs in refugee camps and back in their homes. We partner with national sports governing bodies, schools, community based and non government organizations to help the young people with the opportunity to develop their talents.


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Donate to SANThank you for your interest in supporting Sports Aid Network!

Donate to Support Sports Aid Network
A donation to Sports Aid Network will provide underprivileged youth the opportunity to reframe and challenge their given narratives. Your generosity enables us to work directly with our teams and our partners on the ground to build and deliver the best targeted sports programming possible.

With your donation we can also support the construction of sports fields and centers in refugee camps, we can supply sporting equipment to underprivileged communities, and we can train youth on-the-ground to continue and sustain our programming solutions.

If you are interested in donating to support a specific country-office or program, please specify so in the comment box, and we will respectfully, and with gratitude, direct your support there.

Long-term donations
Our mission is to provide sustainable and long-term programming to communities. With your help through monthly or annual donations, you will be directly supporting the vitality and integrity of Sports Aid Network.

To show you our deep gratitude for your continued support, you will be added to our Exclusive Network, where we provide exclusive reports detailing the real, valuable impact, and the transformed lives of youth that is only possible with your support.


Sponsor an Athlete

Equip young sports men and women with educational and vocational skills to overcome poverty and earn an income autonomously and independently.


Shop From Us

As part of our mission to assist underprivileged communities, and our core values of commitment to sustainable programming and collaboration, Sports Aid Network works with small local businesses on the ground to amplify their work and generate needed incomes.

Please browse our online shop and consider supporting local entrepreneurs and artists – we greatly appreciate it!

Equip young sports men and women with educational and vocational skills to overcome poverty and earn an income autonomously and independently.