In brief

Who We Are

SPORTS AID NETWORK is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of youth through sports. We catalyze a collaborative response to the complex sports needs of underprivileged communities, and support the positive transformation of youth in post-conflict and post-trauma contexts around the world.

Since 2013, Sports Aid Network has supported the transformation and recovery process of youths around the world. Partnering with government entities, sports governing bodies, nonprofits and companies, Sports Aid Network has been constructing playgrounds, sports fields, and has provided equipment to communities, giving underprivileged children a chance to participate and excel in sports.

We also work to support long-term growth in children through our sports programs that focus on life skills, inclusivity, and fostering the potential of youth leaders.

Our Mission
To work with and enrich the lives of underprivileged individuals and communities in the developing world, and to rehabilitate and transform youth in post- conflict and post-trauma regions through sports
Our Vision
Transformed lives, changed communities in developing countries through sports
Countries Covered
Teens coached
Volunters worked with

Our Core Values

Sports Aid Network International is dedicated to ensuring that all SAN branches follow, with diligence, our core values of inclusivity, integrity, commitment to sustainable programming, and collaboration
We prioritize equity, and ensure dignity and fairness in treatment of those we work with - be it volunteers or community members. Our work and team does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, health, age, physical or mental ability, social status, and marital status. Instead, we see, acknowledge, and celebrate each unique difference. We welcome passion and dedication with open arms, and let no bigotry cloud it
Commitment to sustainable programming
Real change is when individuals and communities are empowered. Our work is only truly effective when communities continue and amplify our waves of change within and on their own. We believe in sustainable programs that inspire active, long-term, and effective change, that is both community-owned and driven
We believe that internal consistency and transparency is essential for an undivided team, while honesty and accountability make for better relationships with the community at large. Our horizontal organizational structure demands integrity within the team and in every aspect of our community-centered work. We work diligently to uplift and support the integrity of locally-led initiatives and individuals through our platform and programs
To reach the youth we aspire to, and to change the lives that we hope to, we cannot do this alone. We rely on individual, NGO, and governmental level collaborations in order to effectively implement our sustainable, transparent, and inclusive style of work. In fact, we pride ourselves in creating direct communication lines that are youth-oriented and community-centered, so that we hear, from the bottom-up, how we can help

Our Partners