Our work is focused around six main solutions:

  1. Supporting the transformation and recovery process of young people in post-conflict and post –trauma regions around the world through sports .
  2. We catalyze a collaborative response in partnership with government entities, sports governing bodies, nonprofits, companies, and other stakeholders to the complex sports needs of underprivileged communities and schools.
  3. We are focused on providing sports play grounds and equipment to impoverished communities to give disadvantaged children a chance to play. The organization fundraises to construct play grounds, collects equipment, and hosts tournaments.
  4. Unlocking the potential of kids especially girls in sports, skills development, and education through our child sponsorship and psychosocial programs. We further support communities to challenge gender discrimination, report abuses and raise girl’s self esteem.
  5. Support for and creation of diversity and inclusion sports programs. We desire to see people with disability participate in sports, the stigma associated with having a disability reduced and the rate of inclusion among the general population increased.
  6. We are always looking for individual volunteers and partners to help in the implementation of our programs. We look for professional sports personnel with skills, and enthusiasm to undertake short training projects in under developed countries where we operate.

Sports Through Which We Channel Support:

Olympic Sports
Soccer/Football, Netball, Basketball, Dance sport, Base ball.
Other Sports
Dodge ball, Jump rope, Lacrosse, VX, Zone ball
Paralympic Sports
Disability football, Disability lacrosse, Disability dodge ball

How To Help?

Partner With Us
There many ways to begin a partnership with us; whether you are a sports governing
Make a Donation
Donate to help meet critical sports needs of an underprivileged community.
Fundraise for Us
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Sponsor an Athlete
Equip young sports men and women with educational and vocational skills to...
Our work and your support is never in vain

Impact of Our Work

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