Our work is focused around six solutions:

  1. Supporting the transformation and recovery process of young people in post-conflict and post –trauma regions around the world through sports .
  2. Catalyze a collaborative response in partnership with government entities, sports governing bodies, nonprofits, companies, and other stakeholders, to the complex sports needs of underprivileged communities and schools.
  3. Provide a physical space and equipment to impoverished communities, including constructing playgrounds, supplying equipment, and hosting tournaments.
  4. Facilitate positive growth in youth through sports, skills development, and education, all to help youth combat and challenge gender discrimination, unemployment, and intergenerational cycles of trauma.
  5. Support diversity, inclusion and the eradication of stigmas attached to disability in sports.
  6. Provide a platform to uplift creative local small businesses by selling their products on our media platforms.

Where We Work


Our partner offices across East Africa, specifically those in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, partner extensively with local schools.
Similar to our work with refugee camps, our school-programming focuses on instilling within children the value of education. We work to increase the attendance rate of students while also using sports to tackle societal issues, such as gender discrimination and menstrual health, mental illness, and post-trauma/conflict rehabilitation.

Refugee Settlement Camps

Our work in refugee settlement camps arose from the urgent needs coming from growing refugee camps in Uganda. Refugees, primarily from the Democratic Republic of Congo, have for years reached safe haven in Uganda. Uganda currently hosts Africa’s largest refugee population, amounting to around 1.4 million spread across 11 settlement camps.

Post-conflict trauma and uprooted lives has made resettlement and rehabilitation for refugees an almost impossible prospect. We use sports, a universal vehicle that, among many other things, most importantly increases health and happiness, to tackle these deep-seeded challenges.



We host tournaments in refugee settlement camps, encouraging both the young and adults to participate in sporting competitions that increase teamwork, unity, confidence, and happiness. In fact, we’ve noticed that the more you introduce sports, the more united the camp becomes. Unity forms between different tribes that have historic tribal conflict forms.

Building football/soccer fields

The value of education is one that we promote heavily at SAN and the sports field construction project directly achieves this objective. In many refugee camps, school attendance is very low. We noticed that in schools that we build sports facilities, students became incentivized to attend school, knowing that they would receive physical education and dedicated sports programming and play. As a direct result of this initiative, school attendance, and the value that students place on their education, has increased monumentally.
We fundraise and work to build sports fields and centers for communities to use long after our programming has finished. These fields and centers provide a safe and energetic space for community members to play or practice.

Life Skills and Youth Leadership programs

The Life Skills Program, uses sports combined with a set curriculum to teach individuals important life skills, such as communication, collaboration, and employability skills.

The Youth Leadership program trains youth sports players, captains, etc., to take leadership and coaching roles in the community. The purpose of this program is to not only develop and instill these valuable skills within youth, but also to create a foundation for long-term leadership development, where youth teach their peers, friends, team-mates, the values we instill within them.


Regional partnerships

SAN has partners working on the ground in close communication and collaboration with our HQ office in Uganda. These partners include:

  • Tanzania
  • South Sudan
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Kenya
Other partners

we are grateful for the friendships and partnerships we have made with these amazing associations, universities, government bodies, and UN agencies. Together we have seen transformed lives of underprivileged youth.

  • Uganda lacrosse Association the sport National Governing Body
  • VX Uganda Association the VX sport national governing body
  • Lugazi community Day and Boarding Primary School
  • Lugazi institute of science and Technology
  • Uganda Jump rope and skipping Federation
  • Federation of Uganda Dodgeball Association the national governing body
  • Village care initiatives
  • Uganda charitable and Benevolent Teamwork
  • Office of the prime minister / UNHCR on the refugees program.
Become a Partner

Sports Aid Network believes in collaborative responses to transform the lives of youth. If you are interested in partnering with us or learning more about our partnership model, please contact us. We will work to achieve our joint objectives, all while propelling forward the integrity of our mission, to help underprivileged communities.

We are looking for public/private schools and corporations , non-profit companies, social enterprises, and individuals to collaborate with.

Reach out to us at info@sportsaidnetwork.org and our partnership development team will get back to you shortly.