Welcoming Steven, Shaindl, and Mihir to the Sports Aid Network Family

Welcoming Steven, Shaindl, and Mihir to the Sports Aid Network Family


This week, our team welcomes: Steven Lazickas, Development and Fundraising Intern; Shaindl Keshen, Asia Regional Operations Intern; and Mihir Mulloth, Research and Communications Intern! They are all current graduate students studying human rights and humanitarian policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in New York.


Steven Lazickas - Development and Fundraising Intern

Steven Lazickas – Development and Fundraising Intern

Prior to SIPA, Steven worked at a large law firm in Manhattan assisting the coordination of an international practice group. He also has several years of experience in non-profit fundraising and development, political organizing, communications, as well as work in state and federal government. Now at SAN, Steven will be assisting us to reach strategic goals through fundraising campaigns, build out mutually beneficial partnerships, and help establish SAN’s footprint in the United States.He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Binghamton University and currently lives in Queens, New York.



Shaindl Keshen - Asia Regional Operations Intern

Shaindl Keshen – Asia Regional Operations Intern

Shaindl grew up in both a small town in Canada and Beijing, China—places that have greatly influenced her personal and professional interests. During her undergraduate studies at Barnard College, Shaindl’s passion for bridging peoples and communities together motivated her volunteer work on uniting Beijing’s local and migrant school students for collaborative projects, involvement in representing a Canadian Indigenous nation at the UN, and fellowship research on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Now at SIPA, she is studying humanitarian affairs as well as the role of technology and innovation in elevating and filling the long-existing gaps in the humanitarian-development nexus. As SAN’s Asia Regional Operations intern, Shaindl is thrilled to be working towards facilitating the organization’s partnerships and expansion into Asia. She strongly believes that SAN’s innovative programming, combined with locally-driven collaborations, will lead to positive individual and collective growth and transformation.



Mihir Mulloth - Research and Communications Intern

Mihir Mulloth – Research and Communications Intern

Mihir spent his youth in the small town of Clarks Summit, PA, USA, and went on to pursue a Bachelors of Science from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Neuroscience while minoring in Political Science. Now at SIPA and before joining SAN, Mihir served as an AmeriCorp member with the organization City Year where he consulted, coordinated, and carried out school-wide math, attendance, literacy, and social-emotional learning initiatives to improve students’ academic and emotional development. After this experience, Mihir worked as an Intensive Drug and Alcohol Case Manager for the Philadelphia Mental Health Care Corporation (PMHCC) where he collaborated with individuals in drug and alcohol recovery to create a Recovery Plan focused on achieving short and long-term and helped link them to different community resources. Mihir is excited to help achieve SAN’s vision of enriching the lives of less fortunate young people in the developing world through sports.


Steven, Shaindl, and Mihir will work directly with Sameer SJB Rana, Acting Asia Regional Operations Manager & Research and Policy Consultant for Post-Conflict and Post-Trauma Refugee Settlement Programs. Together, they will operate as a 4-person team with weekly check-in meetings, mutually agreed upon deadlines and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) goals/deliverables, and shared responsibility and accountability.

Best of luck and, again, a warm welcome to the SAN SIPA Squad! We look forward to collaborating with and supporting you. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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