Urgent Appeal; Donate Towards our 2020 Championship Attendance and Exchange Program

Urgent Appeal; Donate Towards our 2020 Championship Attendance and Exchange Program

We got to know Suzuka Nishimura a Japanese national volunteering under the Japan international Cooperation Agency in Uganda through the Africa Jump rope federation. Ssekamwa isaac our uganda in country director As a patron of Uganda jump rope association , was introduced to Suzuka as some one desirous of promoting Jump rope and double dutch in Uganda. She arrived in Uganda in August 2019 and she has been coaching and training a group of more than twelve young girls and two boys at Canaan high school .


Canaan high school is a private local founded school found in Lugazi town council. The school seeks to promote excellence within an all-round education, to prepare our students to play a constructive role as compassionate, thinking individuals in society. The school strives to provide a nurturing environment where all can develop to their fullest potential and is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of education and talent development.

The athletes Suzuka trains live with several challenges day in day out. They are from poor families and humble backgrounds.They live in a very male-dominated society. Suzuka has got so friendly to all of them that they have had to share so much with them. She is a source of inspiration to them. And this is the main reason she wants to see them make history and compete on the world level . She wants to show them they can make it and their dreams can come true.


We want to inspire them to know that through sport, academics, music or drama, whatever these young local players want to put their mind to, there are opportunities and there are ways out to get a better life.

Out of over 12 athletes Suzuka had the biggest challenge of only choosing 6 people for us to fundraise for to make it to Ottawa , Canada for the Double Dutch contest world 2020 championships which will take place from the 10th to the 12th July and there after attend the NAIG 2020 in Halifax from 12th to 18th .




The exchange program; hitting two birds with one stone

Alongside the Double Dutch world championship, we plan to cease an opportunity at the NAIG 2020 games; watching while learning sports and at the same time getting exposure to different indigenous cultures.

Watching international games for their first time will be very inspirational and motivational. watching the athletes offenses and defenses , Observing their decision-making during the most stressful moments of a close game and take note of how they handle the pressure of the moment and feeling empowered to study them to teach them to their teammates on return to Uganda will be great.

We believe that our attendance will also enable our athletes to interact with other athletes in attendance to experience the different cultures through the lens of sport. It will be a great honor for us to see the beauty and cultural sport celebration that will take place in Kjipuktuk, land of the M’ikma’q people. It will increase our understanding of their culture and lacrosse history; promote cross-cultural understanding; and enhance an appreciation for diversity between the hosts , participating athletes from other regions and to us as we are planning on building an exchange program.


Suzuka and sports aid network has a prodigious task ahead of us and a tough balance to strike. Even when we would want all the players to go , we wants to set a goal that would be achievable . Please join us in making this dream come true.


Why not inspire and support a Ugandan Jump rope team to compete in Double Dutch on new world level? Why not bring hope and a future to a team of players who face extreme poverty and hardship? Why not make history by bringing the first African team onto an international Double Dutch stage and play an integral part in achieving Olympic status for Jump Rope whilst saving lives?


Kindly Donate today any amount to help us achieve this goal. We realize that TEAMWORK , networking and partnerships are very vital in the success of this initiative . we are dedicated to providing opportunity for these players from all walks of life. Teamwork will make the dream work. You can donate directly towards this cause through our donate page. Thank you.


Sports aid network is an international charity passionate about enriching the lives of less fortunate young people in the developing world through sports. We catalyze a collaborative response to the complex sports needs of underprivileged communities and support the rehabilitation and transformation of youth in post conflict and post trauma regions around the world through sports.

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