Through this sponsorship module, your contribution will give a vulnerable child an education and a sports talent development opportunity.

In the welcome-letter, our project REPRESENTATIVES in USA or in EUROPE will help you understand the specific context of Child Sponsorship and they will correspond with you every three months to keep you updated with all developments that are taking place within the organization.

You’ll be given the opportunity to personally connect with your sponsored child through Letter writing to enable you building a relationship that could change both your lives .

You will receive three letters from your sponsored child a year.

Your Sponsorship will help to provide things like:

  • Clothes / Sports uniform and equipment.
  • Food and Nourishment
  • Health Care
  • Education and sports talent development .
  • An opportunity to live in a safe environment full of tolerance, love and respect

Anyone who can afford the regular monthly donations can sponsor a child. There are no restrictions – old, young, married, single, groups, schools, classes, teams, associations etc., are all suitable sponsors with a monthly donation of $35 dollars.

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